You Booked It Podcast Helps Entertainers Achieve Career Longevity by Bridging the Gap Between Training and the Real World

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With the entertainment industry being so extremely broad and diverse, cookie cutter solutions…

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With the entertainment industry being so extremely broad and diverse, cookie cutter solutions for success are essentially inept. The You Booked It Podcast provides aspiring and current entertainers the knowledge required to build sustainable, long-lasting careers by intertwining their training with the real world experiences and expertise of those who have been in the business for years! Created and hosted by Dane Reis, who has been professionally performing across the world for more than 16 years, You Booked It Podcast airs a new episode seven days a week!! You Booked It Podcast is available to listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or your preferred podcast platform.

You Booked It Podcast consists of approximately 30-minute long interviews with veteran entertainers. The questions asked are the same for each interviewee. However, the value and interesting aspect of these interviews lie in how different people answer the same questions.  This gives listeners the opportunity to understand how each entertainers journey to success differs, and hopefully, they will be able to gain ideas and insights for how they can chart their own path.

«Training to become a professional entertainer usually skips the part about how to actually use your skills in the real world. Creating a successful and sustainable career in this industry takes much more than simply talent alone, but instructors and training programs dont effectively teach students what it really takes to land gigs on a consistent basis,» said Dane. «Through the You Booked It Podcast, aspiring professional entertainers will learn over time the tried and true skills, techniques, tips, information, and resources that create a successful career in the entertainment industry. Guests talk about their own journeys while consistently addressing the fundamentals found in every successful career… as well as trending resources to capitalize on.»

In addition to its education aspect, You Booked It Podcast also offers entertainers, businesses, and brands the opportunity to promote themselves and get their names, products, or services out to an eclectic audience. Listeners of the podcast consist of creatives across various entertainment sectors (Broadway, film, television, dance, and music), producers, directors, writers, choreographers, talent agency owners, entrepreneurs, and more.

In the future, Dane plans to create bonus episodes of You Booked It Podcast that go outside of its normal format and serve as a Masterclass solving industry challenges, with topics that focus on subject matters like how entertainers can prepare and reduce their taxes, business ownership, financial literacy, marketing and self-promotion. Dane also plans to publish printed books and eBooks with summaries of the highlights from each episode, 100 episodes at a time.

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About You Booked It Podcast

Created and hosted by veteran performer Dane Reis, You Booked It Podcast aims to help aspiring and current professional entertainers achieve thriving, sustainable careers through valuable insights and resources gained from interviews with established entertainers who have been in the business for years. By digging into their journeys and learning from their real-world experiences, the podcast uncovers everything that aspiring and current professional entertainers need to know to become successful in the entertainment industry.

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