ProfNet Expert Alerts for August 7, 2020

NEW YORK, Aug. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Below are experts from the ProfNet network who are available to discuss timely issues…

NEW YORK, Aug. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Below are experts from the ProfNet network who are available to discuss timely issues in your coverage area.  


  • Pups, Concerts, and Wine Help Build Community in Pandemic
  • Working From Home Is the New Normal… But Do You Enjoy Your Workspace?
  • 4 Principles of Financial Freedom to Teach Your Children
  • How to Avoid a Retirement «Tax Time Bomb»
  • Protect Your Pandemic Pregnancy With These 5 Tips
  • Coping With Emotions From the Pandemic and the Past
  • Build Bridges by Changing the Language You Use
  • 3 Tips for Staying Grounded During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • On Heels of 50th Anniversary of Pride March, LGBTQ Community Continues to Champion Equality
  • 4 Tips for Struggling Business Owners
  • Pre-employment Testing a New Necessity for Remote Worker Hiring
  • Want to Stress Less During the Pandemic? Stop Making People Wrong
  • Building an Online Business



  • Blogger Conferences: Digital Events to Attend in August
  • Blog Profiles: Emotional Intelligence Blogs

Pups, Concerts, and Wine Help Build Community in Pandemic

Allison Smith

Founding partner, camp director

Olivette Riverside Community and Farm

«Residents socialize safely when picking up their weekly supplies of produce and have come up with some unique ideas to stay in touch while enjoying the outdoors. These include: 1) ‘Yappy Hour’: Twice a day — from 9 to 10 a.m. and from 4 to 5 p.m. — residents bring their dogs … to let them run and play[.] This has allowed dogs and their owners to exercise[.] 2) Driveway concerts: [R]esidents who are also musicians have been performing informal outdoor concerts for community. Residents have also started a socially distanced drum circle that meets at the park. 3) Online wine tastings: [A resident] sommelier — a trained wine professional — has been teaching wine education courses online. Residents sign up, purchase a particular bottle of wine, and discuss them via video chats.»

Farm-to-table living expert Allison Smith is a founding partner and «camp director» at Olivette Riverside Community and Farm near Asheville, N.C. The region’s first «agrihood,» Olivette is built around a four-season organic farm and designed to connect people with nature, community, and their food. Learn more at

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Working From Home Is the New Normal… But Do You Enjoy Your Workspace?

Darla DeMorrow

Founder, certified professional organizer (CPO®)

HeartWork Organizing, LLC

«We all need to make more of our work-from-home spaces right now. Your upbeat office can help you keep a healthy and positive outlook. More attractive offices tend to stay more organized, which can help you perform better.»

Darla DeMorrow is a certified professional organizer (CPO®), decorator, speaker, and founder of HeartWork Organizing, LLC, based in Wayne, PA. Her mission is to help people achieve a sense of peace and purpose. She is the author of several inspiring books on getting organized, including «Organizing Your Home With SORT and Succeed.» Her newest book is «The Upbeat, Organized Home Office» (January 2020).

Darla holds a master’s degree in business administration from Temple University. She is an active member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals).

Darla is a certified photo organizer with The Photo Managers, and a certified Evernote consultant. She is constantly honing her skills to provide her clients the best in organizing and design.

Darla is the host of Organizing Elephants, a local access television show. She is a former member of the volunteer fire department ambulance crew, an avid reader and podcast listener, and the rescuer of a homeless Siamese cat. Darla speaks French and enjoys traveling to France whenever she can.

When not redesigning client lives, you will often find Darla working on her own home — which she shares with her husband and two young daughters. To learn more, visit

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4 Principles of Financial Freedom to Teach Your Children

Stephanie Mackara

Author, finance expert, JD, CDFA

Stephanie Mackara

«1) Saving = freedom: Many people opt out of saving when given the choice, either because they just don’t think they can afford to, or they don’t have a clear understanding of how savings will provide them with choice and freedom. The solution: Think of it not as saving, but as purchasing freedom.

2) Model the behavior you want your kids to learn: Every day brings opportunity to show children and young adults about the simple process of spending, saving, and investing, and also to demonstrate the values that guide your choices. Live in a place where you spend and save thoughtfully, where your behaviors and thinking about your finances contribute to your personal well-being, and where anything is possible.

3) Don’t rely on government or corporations to dictate what your retirement will look like: Our country’s financial foundation is no longer stable and the only way to fix it for ourselves and future generations is to take charge and DIY (do it yourself).

4) Financial literacy is no longer optional: We must shift our thinking from allowing our children to take minimal personal responsibility and acquire limited financial knowledge, to consciously increasing the level of education our children receive relative to financial matters. The next few generations don’t have the luxury of waiting until age 50 or 60 to pay attention to their financial wellness and money management habits.»

Stephanie W. Mackara, JD, CDFA™, is President & Principal Wealth Advisor of Charleston Investment Advisors, LLC. A financial socialization expert, Stephanie is a wife, mother, and author of the new book «Money Minded Families.» She teaches people that financial wellness begins with your mindset, not your bank account. Learn more at and

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How to Avoid a Retirement «Tax Time Bomb»

Pamela Yellen


Bank on Yourself

«If, like most folks, you believe tax rates will go higher in the long term, you can eliminate unpleasant surprises by paying taxes up front. Then the money in your retirement savings can be truly yours to keep.»

Financial security expert and best-selling author Pamela Yellen investigated more than 450 savings and retirement planning strategies seeking an alternative to the risk and volatility of stocks and other investments. Her research led her to a time-tested, predictable method of growing and protecting wealth she calls Bank on Yourself that is now used by more than half a million people.

Pamela is the author of the New York Times best-selling book «The Bank on Yourself Revolution: Fire Your Banker, Bypass Wall Street, and Take Control of Your Own Financial Future.» Her new book is «Rescue Your Retirement: Five Wealth-Killing Traps of 401(k)s, IRAs and Roth Plans — and How to Avoid Them» (

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Protect Your Pandemic Pregnancy With These 5 Tips

Dr. Alan Lindemann

Obstetric physician and maternal mortality expert

Dr. Alan Lindemann

«1) Get a pulse oximeter: Hypoxemia (a below-normal level of oxygen in your blood) is one of the signs of serious illness with COVID-19. You can pick up a pulse oximeter for around $50 and take regular readings of your pulse and oxygen saturation. Get a baseline so that you know if something looks off. A baseline for healthy people is 90 or higher. When we see below 90, we start getting concerned.

2) Check for fever: Whether you have a fancy new thermometer that reads from the forehead or an old-school glass one where the mercury rises, take your temperature regularly to make sure you aren’t experiencing a fever.

3) Keep surfaces tidy for easy cleaning: Keeping tidy may not seem like a health tip for pregnancy, but in the days of COVID-19 it absolutely is. You want the surfaces in your home to be able to easily be wiped down and disinfected frequently — at least once a day.

4) If you choose to travel, choose safely: For example, you might choose to visit a loved one in a remote rural town with few to no COVID-19 cases, but don’t travel somewhere that you’ll be interacting with a lot of people.

5) Keep your distance: How close is too close? Can you smell the other person’s detergent, deodorant, or shampoo? That’s too close! And for some extra protection when you are going to be around other people, wear a mask. It’s an additional safety measure that can only help you and your baby.»

Obstetric physician and maternal mortality expert Dr. Alan Lindemann has made it his mission in life to see healthy babies delivered from healthy mothers. He teaches women and their families how to create the outcomes they want for personal health and pregnancy.

Dr. Alan is the co-author of «Modern Medicine: What You’re Dying to Know,» a consumer action guide about how to navigate the United States healthcare system. In his nearly 40 years of practice, he has delivered around 6,000 babies and achieved a maternal mortality rate of zero!

He earned his medical degree from the University of North Dakota in 1977 and is boarded by the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons, as well as a member of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Medical Association.

Fondly known as the «Rural Doc,» his favorite hobbies are washing his vintage Cadillacs and tending to his pet chickens. He practices medicine and lives with his wife and co-author Diane Haugen in Elgin, North Dakota. Learn more at

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Coping With Emotions From the Pandemic and the Past

Dr. Bradley Nelson

Holistic physician and author

«When you suffer something traumatic, it can be extremely difficult to confront the resulting feelings. You may feel like doing so would force you to relive what you’ve already endured. In our experience, these unconfronted or unprocessed feelings may fester. They could prevent you from sleeping well, cause tension, or make you feel angry, sad, bitter, anxious, guilty, or fearful. Over time, having these festering feelings may cause their negative energies to become lodged within your body, where they could cause you to spiral into those feelings over and over again.»

Veteran holistic physician Dr. Bradley Nelson (D.C., ret.) is one of the world’s foremost experts on natural methods of achieving wellness. He has trained thousands of certified practitioners worldwide to help people overcome physical and emotional discomfort by releasing their emotional baggage. His best-selling book «The Emotion Code» provides step-by-step instructions for working with the body’s energy healing power. A newly revised and expanded edition of «The Emotion Code» is now available (May 2019, St. Martin’s Press). For more information and a free Emotion Code Starter Kit, visit

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Build Bridges by Changing the Language You Use

Anne Ockene Boudreau


Anne Ockene Boudreau

«The words we use matter, especially during times of intense change such as the present moment. Many people are afraid to have open conversations, fearful that they will say the wrong thing. But saying nothing implies feeling nothing, and unless you feel, you cannot heal. Never has conveying compassion and respect for others been more important. The bridge to healthy, open communication begins with examining your thoughts and the language you use to express them, as well as understanding the effect of your words.»

Anne Ockene Boudreau is an inspirational author, coach, and executive who is devoted to helping others develop healthy self-worth. In her new book, «A Human Mosaic: Heal, Renew, & Develop Self-Worth,» she reveals how self-worth is a critical element for sustainable personal change.

Anne’s desire to focus on the topic of self-worth is derived from her lifelong passion to address the array of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual issues that impede a person’s ability to feel fulfilled and enjoy inner peace. As she learned during her own challenging early years, low self-worth is a root cause of negativity, fear, anger, hatred, violence, bullying, and bigotry.

After years of research and study, Anne developed a unique niche in coaching others to build self-worth that is predicated on neuroplasticity — changing one’s brain through learning new thoughts and behavior. Her comprehensive knowledge of the science of neuroplasticity has been instrumental to mentoring and teaching sustainable self-change. Through creating new neural pathways in the brain, anyone at any age or stage of life can transform themselves to live with healthy self-worth and live the life they have dreamed.

Prior to her career as a writer, Anne served as director of marketing and communications for numerous global corporations. During her 22 years as a business executive, she created programs to enhance staff morale, increase internal communications, and train staff on winning client service practices.

Born in Santiago, Chile, Anne has lived in South America and Europe, traveled extensively, and is multilingual. She is a graduate of Northwestern University in English and writing. Through broad exposure to many cultures, she has gained a profound understanding of the importance of spreading acceptance, compassion, respect, peace, and love.

«A Human Mosaic: Heal, Renew, & Develop Self-Worth,» is foundational to the genre of self-improvement. The capacity to lean inwardly for strength, courage, and compassion has never mattered more than in our current volatile world.

Anne lives in Atlanta with her husband, three spirited children, and three attention-hungry canines who rarely leave her side. Learn more at

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3 Tips for Staying Grounded During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Susan Shane, L.Ac.

Licensed acupuncturist, author

Hand Energetics

«Staying grounded during COVID can be challenging. One thing I have found helpful and fun is when I spend time gardening. … The moment I put my hands in the dirt and feel the earth, I start to become calm and literally feel grounded. I also have a few herbal plants — rosemary, oregano, basil — and when I cut the herbs so I can cook, the aroma in the kitchen is wonderful. And I know I’m nourishing my body by using fresh herbs. The healthier I feel, I know I can stay grounded and cope with COVID. Lastly, if I use some of the acu-points on my hand for calming and grounding, I feel much better.»

Susan Shane graduated magna cum laude from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles, CA and has been a California and nationally licensed acupuncturist since 1994. She is the designer and primary mover of a series of powerful, accessible wellness tools: the Hand Energetics™ program and «Vitality Fusion: a Comparative, Interactive Survey of Western, Chinese, and Ayurvedic Medicine,» which includes the ExAIRcise™ approach to physical movement. Besides her master’s in acupuncture and Chinese herbology, she holds a B.A. in theater arts and dance. Susan has participated as a longstanding member of the Community Advisory Board at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine in La Jolla, CA and has completed postgraduate studies in gynecology with Dr. Yitian Ni. She has been a wellness lecturer at college campuses and corporations, such as University of California San Diego, Chuao Chocolatier, and Qualcomm. The Financial News Network featured Susan on their «American Entrepreneur» segment and she has been interviewed by or written articles for New Body, Men’s Guide to Fashion, Mature Health, and Mantra magazines. Her professional affiliations are with the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and California State Oriental Medical Association. She has also belonged to the National Sports Acupuncture Association, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Susan is passionate about teaching others how to be vital and healthy. She looks to empower her audience with personalized tools and techniques that can give everyone a new pathway to optimal health — one in which they are in full control. She currently lives with her husband and the family vizsla, Amber, in San Diego, CA. For more information, visit and

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On Heels of 50th Anniversary of Pride March, LGBTQ Community Continues to Champion Equality

Shannon Minter

Cofounder, strategist

Born Perfect

«Pride month this year [met] with unprecedented measures; given stay-at-home orders from COVID-19 and the murder of Gorge Floyd, the LGBTQ community [found] themselves protesting in the streets supporting Black Lives Matter. Just as the LGBTQ movement began out of protest in 1970 with the first ever pride march, we now see ourselves on the 50th anniversary fighting for the same rights for other minorities in America — equality.»

As Legal Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Shannon Minter leads the legal team for Born Perfect, a survivor-led national movement working to outlaw conversion therapy and end the harm it does to LGBTQ youth and their families. Learn more at

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4 Tips for Struggling Business Owners

Ken Honda


Ken Honda

«1) Take a breath and look for what you can appreciate. This can be a hard ask when it feels like so much isn’t going your way. It’s easier to look for somewhere to place the blame. But even in the worst situation, there is something there to learn — even if it’s learning that you aren’t going to be able to control everything you’ve driven in the past.

Usually, there are a lot of good things hiding behind our disappointment. Begin by looking for these hidden gems. You can simply ask yourself, «What can I appreciate in this situation?» See what arises in you.

2) Look for where you can make an adjustment. You’re not alone if you’re upset and wondering why this pandemic had to happen at all, or you’re stressed trying to keep up with the latest rules and regulations that impact whether and how you can do business.

Making others «wrong» is such an easy place for us to go when we are invested in a result that doesn’t pan out, but this mindset can easily lead to giving up our personal power and happiness. Look for places where you can be or do something different. You’ll be surprised to see that there are lots of areas where you can make a bigger difference than you may initially think.

3) Take a step. And it’s okay if it’s a small step. What can you do to make a positive impact on your leadership, your business, or your employees today? Is it possible that things are actually moving in the right direction, even if they’re moving slower than you’d like? If this is the case, you may be able to cultivate patience and trust in yourself. That simple commitment can make all the difference.

4) Ask for help. You don’t have to do anything on your own in life unless you want to. There is so much support waiting for you, if you only ask. Even if you think there’s no one who can help you, you can choose to offer a simple prayer for guidance. You can listen deeply to your own intuition and see where it is leading.

Most of the time, there are way more people than you know who are just waiting to receive the gift of your request for help. Think about it: you feel good when you help other people. Why would you be different than anyone else?»

Money and happiness expert Ken Honda is a best-selling self-development author in Japan, with book sales surpassing seven million copies since 2001. His latest book is called «Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money» (June 4, 2019, Simon & Schuster). Ken studied law at Waseda University in Tokyo and entered the Japanese workforce as a business consultant and investor. Ken’s financial expertise comes from owning and managing several businesses, including an accounting company, a management consulting firm, and a venture capital corporation. His writings bridge the topics of finance and self-help, focusing on creating and generating personal wealth and happiness through deeper self-honesty. Ken provides ongoing support through mentoring programs, business seminars, therapeutic workshops, and correspondence courses. Ken is the first person from Japan to be voted into the Transformational Leadership Council, a group of personal and professional development leaders. He is fluent in Japanese and English; lived in Boston, Massachusetts for two years; and currently resides in Tokyo, Japan. Learn more at

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Pre-employment Testing a New Necessity for Remote Worker Hiring

Ken Crowell

Founder, CEO


«Pre-employment job testing is a crucial need as companies recruit more remote workers. Employers need to know that the people they hire have not only the technical skills required, but also that they can analyze and solve problems, communicate effectively, and work both independently and as part of a team.»

Ken Crowell is Founder and CEO of EmployTest, a pre-employment testing platform that’s helped more than 7,000 corporate and government organizations across the US and globally to remotely pre-screen applicants for the best hiring choices. EmployTest administers more than 60,000 tests to job applicants each year. Learn more at

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Want to Stress Less During the Pandemic? Stop Making People Wrong

David Cunningham

Communication expert, forum leader


«There are billions of viewpoints on this planet, and not one of them is ‘right.’ On the other hand, all of them are valid. A lot of our lives are spent trying to get people to agree with our view, to see things from our perspective, to change their point of view. However, we immediately open ourselves up to so much more personal satisfaction and opportunity for healthy communication, when we allow others to have their views without feeling threatened by them and needing to change them.»

David Cunningham, M.Ed., is a communication expert and seminar leader for Landmark — a personal and professional growth, training, and development company that’s had more than 2.5 million people use its programs to cause breakthroughs in their personal lives and their communities. In The Landmark Forum (Landmark’s flagship program), people cause breakthroughs in their performance, communication, relationships, and overall satisfaction in life. Visit

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Building an Online Business

Sharon Haver

Personal Brand Consultant

«You’ve listened to the marketing ‘gurus’ and what works for someone with 100,000 followers won’t necessarily work for you. When building a business online, think of your business and brand as an extension of you. That’s the secret to developing a sustainable personal brand style that will actually help you attract an engaged audience seeking your offer.»

For service-based businesses and entrepreneurs newly diving into the online space, standing out as an expert in your niche in today’s congested digital market is challenging to say the least. Gaining visibility on Instagram and other social media is like solving a never-ending puzzle. Boosting website traffic through SEO takes time, a lot of it. And growing your email list is serious work. The fastest way to connect with your most aligned customer while picking up traction and boosting visibility is through developing a strong personal brand.


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